Mood Changes

December 19th, 2011 § Leave a Comment

Well, the angry boy is back. I realize this shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that a number of things have transpired in the past few weeks that create the perfect disregulation storm for my son, including: 1. Being told he’s changing schools after the break, 2. Saying goodbye to school friends, and of course 3. CHRISTMAS. But still, it stucks. Because…

The angry boy throws things.

The angry boy jumps to conclusions.

The angry boy blames me for everything he deems is unfair.

The angry boy makes random demands and then freaks if you don’t acquiesce.

The angry boy can disguise himself as the joyful, silly boy, only to lash out when you least expect it.

The angry boy wreaks havoc on the energy of our house.

The angry boy is a glass-half-empty kind of boy.

The angry boy is unpredictable.

The angry boy might stick around for a while.

So, that’s what we’re dealing with this week. My husband and I are dusting off strategies we’ve clung to in the past from Ross Greene’s The Explosive Child and digging deep to respond to our raging child with empathy, compassion, and a problem-solving spirit.

Wish us luck.

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